👋🏼 I'm Matt, a developer based in the UK. I work at CAVU as a Tech Lead. Previously, I worked at DestinationCore as a Senior Software & DevOps Engineer, Enovate as a Backend PHP Developer and Opworks as an AWS Solutions Architect.

PHP has always been my primary language via the Laravel and Yii frameworks. Over the years I have used these to build out some really cool solutions but sadly as a backend developer, the code remains behind the closed doors of companies I worked for. Checkout the DestinationCore and Enovate portfolios to find some bits I might have been involved in.

I'm experienced with AWS and regularly use the EC2, ELB, RDS, ElastiCache, Route53, Lambda, CloudFront, S3, SSM, API Gateway, ACM, SES, SNS, CloudWatch, VPC and IAM services to name a few. I'm an IaC advocate and will use Terraform and Ansible at every opportunity, coupled with Python for scripting.

I also have experience with Digital Ocean, ESXi and Hetzner (I use Hetzner for my personal projects, this website is being served from PHP, NGINX, MySQL, Redis and Traefik Docker containers hosted there).